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The Moxie Award is presented annually to an individual who has made strides within our LGBTQ+ Youth community by speaking their truth, displaying courage, determination and above all, being their authentic self.

Get to Know Us

preMETitated is an annual Fashion, Performance, Food & Drink fundraising Ball - inspired by the Met Gala - for the benefit of Time Out Youth. The multifaceted event encourages guests to get creative with their outfits for this social gathering to inspire the kids at TOY to be uniquely themselves. 100% of the proceeds from tickets sales go directly to TOY. Guests will enjoy heavy hors d'oeuvres from 4 of Charlotte's best Chefs as well as customized Mocktails and Cocktails by the one and only Bob Peters. Experience live performances from Adeem the Artist who Brandi Carlile calls "...absolutely incredible. One of the best writers in Roots music I've ever heard." as well as Erica Chanel & The Vanity House, specializing in all things Drag and Vanity, Award Winning Drag Queen Buff Faye, with Ballroom performances by Kiki Haus of Telfar, Tia Wilson and much more! A silent auction will take place during the event featuring some of the Queen City's best known artists. We also ask the community to donate evening wear such as tuxedos, gowns, wedding dresses and any other garments and/or accessories directly to the organization so the TOY kids can create their own looks. Clothing drive ends April 26th, 2023. Find out more about Time Out Youth here.

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